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Audio and Map Downloads and Instructions for the Walk

Download walk and map

Please note - the audio file is 26MB.

Download audio (MP3)
Download map (PDF)

You can listen to the file simply by clicking on the link. To download follow these instructions:

Instructions for PC users

Right click on the link and select "save target as" and download.

Instructions for Mac users

Press "alt" click on the link to download to your downloads file.

Tips to help you enjoy the walk and story

Please take time to read these tips before you start out on your walk.

Clara’s Song is played at the start of the audio and lasts for approximately 2 minutes. This will give you time to walk to the starting place at the steps of St Lawrence Chapel in Lawrence Lane and to adjust the volume to your preference.

The story takes you around Ashburton at a leisurely pace. If you get do behind in the walk, or lost just make your way to the next marked stopping place on your map. There are four stopping places.

You will have time to catch up with the story at each of the stopping places if you have for any reason got behind.

It is best to let the story run without interruption.

Don’t turn off or press buttons on the audio pod.

A tip for the start! Blogishay Lane is a small path just before the pub the Silent Whistle and can be missed! Wait until you are instructed to turn into Blogishay Lane.

If you are in a group it is best to leave about 5 minutes between each of you setting out. In this way you can enjoy the experience in your own time without being distracted by friends and family.

The audio and headphones are given to you free as is the download from the website but please make sure you take care of the equipment and return them back.

But most important relax and enjoy you walk!

Both the download and pod are FREE.